Fairy Tales 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Into the Woods

This is the first time I have ever heard of Into the Woods but I enjoyed it very much. It clearly plays off of many popular fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel. The new fairy tale insert with the Baker maintains further exaggerates fairy tale motifs. The characters in Into the Woods have an opportunity to grow (like the Baker becoming more open to his wife helping acquire said items), and there are plenty of magical elements to remind the audience of the fantastical world the characters reside in. During the mini intermissions when all of the characters are in the woods and saying their lessons learned, we understand the morality aspect of the fairy tale. All of the quirky twists make for a very interesting adaptation of fairy tales that still contain no place specificity, polarizations between good and evil, magic, nature and interlocking quests (subsets of various stories).


  1. That is a good point that this still carries on the motifs of the woods (unspecific place), good vs. evil, magic, nature, etc. It is also very honest, and it just tells you what happens without trying to skirt around the "adult" aspects of the fairy tale which is common for many fairy tales. There are also moral lessons to be learned. This entire piece simply pushes the fairy tale a little further, but as you have said, it clearly does not take away from the fairy tale because so many main aspects of a fairy tale still exist.

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